Tweaks emerged from the mind of a young artist and found their way from paintbrush to blockchain, living permanently on the Ethereum network as Non-fungible Tokens. The original 100 Tweaks are hand drawn characters that create the story for an entire world of Tweaks.

Minting or collecting a Tweak as an NFT is your access token to the Tweak Asylum and will be your way into this journey through the Tweak universe.

Tweaks are the digital, artistic representation of many internal struggles humans face. The anxieties and complex emotions that people feel every day should no longer be looked down on, rather accepted and loved because that makes you who you are.

Each Tweak found refuge at the Asylum. The Tweak Asylum is a loving home full of friends and laughter where the Tweaks gather in the metaverse. When the Tweaks aren’t out saving the world, they kick back in the Asylum for some cards and fun.

Evolution of Tweaks


The tweaks began in the mind of artist Max Dresner during his studies of the human figure. He was enthralled by the perfect imperfections of humans.

100 Tweaks

As new technology emerged to release these figures into the world, the tweaks emerged from a single drawing. 100 entirely unique tweaks with their own story were born.

Twisted TWeaks

As the tweaks grew restless and yearned for more friends, they began experimenting. They discovered ingenious ways to repurpose their unique parts into a new, extended family.


Colin McDonnell

Max Dresner

The Tweaks were envisioned by two USC students from Los Angeles who have a passion for innovating and supporting others. Max is the sole artist and has been trained in Fine Arts and painting for over 15 years. Colin is a story teller and data scientist with a love for human psychology and the cognitive sciences.

Core Team

Tony Rigatoni


Marc Antonucci

Metaverse Architect



Roland Shen



IT & Security