Twisted Tweaks

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* 100 per TX, 100 mintable per wallet.

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What are Twisted Tweaks?

10,000 randomly generated figures using parts deconstructed from the original, hand-drawn Tweaks with over 500 different traits. Each Twisted Tweak has their own unique family tree in which they descend from, giving them a deeper history for collectors to discover.

How were they created?

All of the Twisted Tweaks were created in The Factory with hand drawn parts, and a custom script to rebuild each one in a completely random fashion each time they are minted. All Tweaks are created in the TweakFactory Solidity contract on the Ethereum network and stored on IPFS.

Why should I adopt a Twisted Tweak?

The original 100 Tweaks and the Twisted Tweaks will remain the staples of the Tweak brand and will be the focal point from which the universe grows. The Tweaks will continue the movement of acceptance to the entire metaverse with every garment created, Twisted Tweak minted and game played. The art and message comes first, and will always be the focus, but with smart contract technology, we can truly push the boundaries of what art is and how collector’s interact with it. Come along the journey and help us build the Tweak universe.

How can I mint a Twisted Tweak?

The Factory is currently closed down and the only way you can mint a Twisted Tweak is through the Bone Store or by receiving an airdrop for being a valuable community member. The Operator favors the kind and the giving with his creations.

The Breakdown

6 base parts
  • Background
  • Head
  • Body
  • Left Arm
  • Right Arm
  • Bonding
Up to 10 more accessories
  • Accessory
  • Accessory II
  • Head Accessory
  • Face Accessory
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Tattoo
  • Stitches
  • Protrusion
  • Eyes
  • Nipples
Each of the body parts stem directly from the 100 tweaks meaning there are roughly 100 (1%) of each body part. The "rarity" rests in the eyes of the beholder. There are 3 types of bonding: stitching (77%), tape (22%), and metal (1%). There are 3 main types of backgrounds: simple colors, special places, and collaborative scenes by 7 of the best artists in the space.
There are many traits within each category that have set chances of occurring with Halos, Cloaks, and Operator Arms being some of the hardest to come by. The amount of attributes a Twisted Tweak has is also on a bell curve with the least amount and most amount of traits possible being the least likely to occur.


Each Twisted Tweak was created in The Factory by the original 100 Tweaks, but each ends up in their own unique world. To fully embody this and the collaborative sprit of Tweaks, collector’s can find their Tweaks in many different environments, including 7 incredible artists that have supported the Tweaks along their journey and only collaboration in the original 100 Tweaks.